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Our history

Founded in 2009 under the name Quality Install Quartz & Granit (QIQG), Anthony Boudreault and his team first took on installation subcontracts after working for various manufacturers as measurers, polishers and countertop installers. In 2014, Anthony and his wife Marie-Line incorporated the company under the name RocArtz and moved towards full production with the latest technology. Whether it’s taking laser measurements at the customer’s premises, manufacturing, cutting and shaping natural or compact stones in our workshops or installing them in the customer’s home, RocArtz’s team of experts guarantees quality workmanship. RocArtz also offers a consultation service and a showroom to help you make the best choices.

Our values

We advise individuals, designers and contractors in the realization of their construction or renovation projects, to create living areas that meet the aspirations of each individual.

To carry out meticulous, professional and original work according to the rules of the trade, combining craftsmanship and modern manufacturing technologies to add value to all our creations.

To offer installation services based on a perfect command of technology and knowledge of construction standards.

Apply occupational health and safety rules as well as respect for the environment and cleanliness on the various installation sites.

Satisfy our customers in every respect, by delivering on time and to the highest standards, at the most competitive prices.

Our workshop

Located in Pointe-Claire, our workshop offers a wide range of materials and finished products. Discover the splendor and natural beauty of the large granite, quartz and marble panels that will adorn your new living areas. Talk to craftsmen and connoisseurs who will reveal the geology and origins of these stones.

If you’re curious, come and discover the different stages in the manufacture and finishing of these noble materials.